Brand Story
[ Wild Artemisia princeps in Ganghwa ]
- We use wild Artemisia princeps in Ganghwa-do.
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Product Class of Ssok so qum
Phone order
  • Tel : +82-1544-0693
    Account No. : Kookmin Bank , 836301-04-150125
    Account Holder : NATUREHOLD Co., LTD
For those of you who have trouble placing an online order or are concerned about leaking your personal information, we are launching an easier order approach. We`ll deliver our products to your home by one phone call.
Customer Service Center
  • Operating Hours : AM 09:00 ~ PM 06:00
  • Lunch : PM 12:00 ~ PM 13:00
  • Closed: Holidays, Saturday, Sunday
Release detergents exclusive for hand wash
For Rough Washing / For Delicate Clothes
Ssook so qum is mildly designed to be available for hand-washable delicate clothes.